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Welcome, MAD friends! Level up your greens with MAD Rewards where healthy eating turns into a rewarding adventure. Discover a world where your love for MAD Greens meets the thrill of exciting challenges and exclusive perks that bring you closer to your next reward. Use your app to place to-go orders and skip the line by ordering ahead.

The best part? For every $1 spent at MAD Greens you’ll earn 1 point, and we’ll hook you up with a $10 reward for every 100 points to spend on any menu item you’d like. Expect to see a myriad of MAD promotions, surprise discounts, and challenges throughout the year (including a reward for your half-birthday…yes, half-birthday!).

Spend your rewards dollars on anything on the MAD Greens menu, whenever you want. Spend it all in one place or save up for a special meal! There’s no fine print or restrictions* but there is more info if you want…


For every 1 dollar spent at a MAD Greens, you’ll earn 1 point. We’ve got four simple ways to earn points: 

1. Order through the app and points are automatic.
2. Use while signed into your account.
3. At checkout in-person, scan your personalized QR code.
4. At checkout in-person, provide your phone number associated with your account.

If you ever forget to log in online or don’t have your phone (after signing up), email with you receipt and we’ll manually add your points.

When ordering in the app, look for “available offers” on the payments screen. If you’re visiting us, you can either Redeem your rewards dollars or claim a specific offer at checkout.

For every 100 points, we’ll give you $10 in rewards to spend however you’d like at any MAD Greens (excluding airports). Promotions and discounts will appear in your News and email inbox.

We've designed a new series of challenges to add an extra topping of fun to your dining journey. The more challenges you conquer, the more MAD Greens rewards you earn! From exploring new menu items to purchasing milestones for our biggest MAD fans, there's a challenge for every kind of greens enthusiast.

Ready to play? New challenges will appear here in the Challenges section of your app where you can track your progress and unlock exclusive offers. Stay tuned for exciting announcements!

Earn a bonus for each person that uses your referral code to sign up. Find your personalized code in Invite Friends under ‘more’ and get extra points for every friend who uses it to sign up then makes a purchase.

If you have any additional questions regarding the App, the MAD Rewards Program, and/or these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at

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*Terms & Conditions: OK, there is some fine print. Points are only earned after you download the app or create an account online and make a purchase associated with your MAD Rewards account – no retroactive points for any visits made before joining the program are given. Rewards dollars expire after 365 days without account activity. Manual point adds are subject to validation. MAD Greens Catering is not included in the MAD Rewards program and is not available to order on our MAD Rewards app. Banked reward dollars are not applicable on catering orders and catering orders are not eligible to earn reward points. You cannot earn points on orders placed through any third-party service (like DoorDash and Uber Eats). You also don't earn points on tax, tips, gift card purchases. Gift Card purchases are not eligible to earn Rewards points. Rewards points are earned when logged into Rewards account and making a purchase with a Gift Card. Please see our full Rewards Terms & Conditions for more information.

A Little MADness is
a great thing!

Eating MAD Greens just got better. Easy ordering for pickup and delivery. Points are automatic! You'll get rewarded for inviting friends to join the MADness, for being born and for just being you!

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