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@eaturpineapples 😁 🍍

So do we! 👏 👍 👌 RT @karolina_mtno: I've got a thing for Cesar salads.. 😍😋 #MADGreens

Can't think of a better Saturday night...@DianneReeves1 @KUVOJazz89 @BalistreriWine...all we're missing is YOU!

6 things we bet you didn't know about General Manager Josh Ward: #MADteam #workatfun

We're PUMPED for @TourdeCureCO with @PrimalWear and @feedbacksports... Join us in two weeks!

We💚salad and wrap lunch dates! #delish RT @dstrizz: Lunch date with babeeeeh @MadGreens

We 💚 #Colorado growers. (RT if you do, too!) #ColoradoDay #COProud

More from the #ChefDan @abc15 cooking demo. We love spreading our love of eating better!

Did you eat #locally this week with Alferd Packer? What did you think?? We love the grilled #peaches!!

What does a chef do while waiting for their @ABC15 live cooking demo? They juggle produce. #abc15 #chefdan

Lookin' good! RT @MrScottPetre: Chef Dan killing time before he's live on air. madgreens #ABC15 @ABC15 Arizona

@admontoya Thanks for letting us know and we're sorry to hear this happened. We'll be meeting with the DAM crew about your experience.

#Tempe and #Scottsdale: MAD Greens catering + your next work mtg = office hero status ( )

Turn your fresh #basil into a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up: Cc: @GoldenFarmCoop

Our pleasure! RT @DenverSouth: Thanks so much @MadGreens for the amazing lunch! Courtesy of your fish bowl! 😁😍 #yum

Bored with that frozen meal? Order a better-for-you lunch right now from MAD Greens!

Our mom always asks us why we can’t be more like you. #ComplimentBox #JustForFun

@Paitay21 Is it only Evans running out of steak and what time of day does this typically happen? We want to get to the bottom of this.

@Paitay21 Sorry to hear this. Were you there at 8pm when you tweeted this? We will talk to our team about ingredients and line efficiency.

Three cheers for the @MLS #AllStar team!! Fuel up with some deelish #salad before heading to #Skyline Park to watch them crush #Tottenham