Pancho Villa Salad

Corn is one of our favorite foods to eat, especially when prepared "elote" style. Elote (literally "corn cob" in Spanish) is a popular street food found throughout Mexico where corn is grilled and then slathered in cream, crumbly cheese and spices. But how do you harness that amazing Elote flavor with a salad? Turns out, the secret is in the sauce...the creamy, spicy cheese was the top priority (and thus, the Cilantro Chili Lime Dressing was born).

Kids Awesome Box

The Awesome box is a fun-filled, kid-friendly combination of Grilled Citrus Chicken, Pasta, Edamame, Apples, Carrot Sticks and Ranch dipping sauce. Doesn't sound perfect? Mixing and matching encouraged! Kids meals include a fruit cup and the choice of juice or milk.

Doc Holliday Salad

Every bit of this salad is an ode to Arizona. Oranges and grapes were traditionally grown by the settlers whereas the pumpkin seeds are a nod to the native population. The Miso Sesame honors today's growing Asian population and brings a sweet/savory finish to the already-flavorful Doc Holliday!

Beet It Juice

I could go on and on about the healthful properties of beets: they stimulate your liver, reduce cholesterol, normalize blood pressure, improve eye health, even heal gout (please go to a doctor if you actually have gout). Plus, it tastes so good with the carrot and apple juice with a splash of lime.

Mighty Aphrodite Salad

When it's warm out, one of our favorite ingredient combinations is juicy strawberries, crisp cucumbers, crunchy almonds and creamy mozzarella. They're incredibly refreshing together, especially during strawberry season when these plump berries taste best. Add some baby greens and made-from-scratch Shallot Tarragon Vinaigrette and VOILA the Mighty Aphrodite is our go-to summertime treat.