Posted on October 15, 2015
A PBS series documenting urban sustainability.
Posted on October 13, 2015
That's right Colorado, the OLOMOMO is back.
Posted on October 11, 2015
MAD Greens supports a Littleton, Colorado school Fun Run.
Posted on October 8, 2015
We're taking kids on a culinary adventure.
Posted on October 5, 2015
Colorado's seasonal fave has returned.
Posted on October 5, 2015
The five ingredients you need to make your salad hearty and healthy.
Posted on October 3, 2015
Our catering team spread the MAD Greens love during the event.
Posted on October 2, 2015
We're proud to support Phoenix Children's Hospital with a special fundraiser.
Posted on October 1, 2015
We sit down with one of our newest General Managers to talk about team work, avocados and teacup chihuahuas.
Posted on September 28, 2015
Fox 10's Cory McCloskey stops by our newest Arizona restaurant.
Posted on September 28, 2015
We're live in the studio to talk up our newest Arizona restaurant at 7th Ave. & McDowell.
Posted on September 26, 2015
Boulder MAD Greens comes out on top in the Boulder Daily Camera's annual 'People's Choice Awards'
Posted on September 25, 2015
Our Colorado guests are about to experience a crazy taste creation.
Posted on September 21, 2015
Our seasonal summertime favorite leaves MAD Greens on October 5.
Posted on September 18, 2015
Our fourth Valley location opens September 29, 2015.
Posted on September 16, 2015
We celebrate our newest Arizona restaurant with good friends and great food.
Posted on September 16, 2015
Posted on September 14, 2015
It's all hands on deck today at our newest Arizona location.
Posted on September 14, 2015
ABC 15's Smart Shopper stops in to our newest Arizona location at Hilton Village to preview Free Salad Day.
Posted on September 14, 2015
Chef Dan shows members of the Boys & Girls Clubs how much fun salads can be.
Posted on September 12, 2015
A wall of delicious goodness...Literally.
Posted on September 11, 2015
Our Scottsdale and Acoma restaurant is included in 'Desert Digest'.
Posted on September 11, 2015
New review details the flavor and experience of a first-time restaurant visit.
Posted on September 9, 2015
Posted on September 8, 2015
Our locally-inspired F.L.W. Salad gets a few seconds of fame in the September issue.
Posted on September 4, 2015
MAD Greens is looking for amazing team members to help us grow in the Valley of the Sun.
Posted on September 4, 2015
Colorado's Palisade Peach season is ending and that means so is Alferd Packer's reign as our tasty seasonal salad.
Posted on September 3, 2015
All MAD Greens restaurants (except DAM) closing at 4pm on Monday, Sept. 7.
Posted on September 2, 2015
Health Coach Kati is working on some fun new tips.
Posted on September 2, 2015
The next Arizona MAD Greens is celebrating its grand opening with free salad for all.
Posted on August 31, 2015
Posted on August 31, 2015
How Abby Lee Farms is bringing Arizona the juiciest tomatoes.
Posted on August 27, 2015
Team MAD Greens spreads the catering love far and wide.
Posted on August 26, 2015
What's more fun than spending a day at a goat dairy? Nothing.
Posted on August 25, 2015
Wanted: Fun people to join a pretty cool (and MAD!) team.