Posted on May 9, 2016
The secret's in the smoke!
Posted on May 8, 2016
Have some fun and grow with us!
Posted on May 8, 2016
A healthy field trip with our friends at the BGC - Grant Woods Branch.
Posted on May 5, 2016
Walking to end Multiple Sclerosis.
Posted on May 3, 2016
Thirst-quenching good.
Posted on May 2, 2016
Chef Dan whips up a tasty Eva Peron salad for the 'Monday Meal' segment.
Posted on April 26, 2016
An exciting new way to shape the future of your favorite restaurant.
Posted on April 25, 2016
Time's running out to eat better while helping the National MS Society - Colorado Wyoming Chapter.
Posted on April 23, 2016
Word's getting around that families can eat better at MAD Greens.
Posted on April 18, 2016
MAD Greens' latest hands-on, healthy eating event.
Posted on April 14, 2016
A perfect springtime salad recipe.
Posted on April 12, 2016
That's right, we said FREE!
Posted on April 8, 2016
The results are in for the annual 'Best Of' awards.
Posted on April 8, 2016
Texas-inspired Eva Peron included in '5 Fresh Spring Salads'.
Posted on April 6, 2016
Award-winning online publication talks about getting kids to eat healthy.
Posted on April 2, 2016
During the month of April, $1 from every Doc Holliday salad sold benefits the MS Society
Posted on April 1, 2016
Hungry? Like really hungry? We've got a size for you!
Posted on March 29, 2016
Sustainably farm-raised Atlantic smoked salmon.
Posted on March 29, 2016
Announcing some awesomely super additions to our kids' menu.
Posted on March 28, 2016
We've got some tips to help 'savor the flavor' of eating right!
Posted on March 26, 2016
Every MAD Greens except our Denver Art Museum restaurant will be closed for the holiday.
Posted on March 25, 2016
Co-Founder Marley Hodgson a 'Top 40 Under 40' alumni.
Posted on March 23, 2016
We're throwing a party to celebrate our first Texas restaurant.
Posted on March 23, 2016
Sometimes Mother Nature means business...
Posted on March 17, 2016
A little insight into one of our favorite salads...
Posted on March 16, 2016
With MAD Greens Catering, feeding a group has never been easier (or tastier).
Posted on March 14, 2016
Our FREE Salad Selfie Station is here.
Posted on March 7, 2016
Newest Arizona restaurant now open, new VP of Operations announced.
Posted on March 6, 2016
Grow your career with MAD Greens!
Posted on March 2, 2016
Love us? Now's your chance to help us win an award!
Posted on March 2, 2016
Arizona fans: A new salad is YOURS for a limited time.
Posted on March 2, 2016
New Mesa MAD Greens included in roundup of February openings.
Posted on March 2, 2016
Co-Founder Marley Hodgson discusses financing a fast-casual.
Posted on March 1, 2016
Arizona parenting magazine shares Chef Dan's family-friendly recipes.
Posted on February 22, 2016
It'll be wanted...By your taste buds.