"That Was Vegan?" Loves MAD Greens!

MAD Greens MAD Tasting Grain Bowl

At MAD Greens, we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate any dietary restirction there is. Gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy free...you name it, we got it covered! That's why we were so thrilled to be featured on Denver's own That Was Vegan? blog. This Mile High local shares plant-based recipes, visits nearby restaruants and reviews vegan products. And she loves MAD Greens!

"MAD Greens, whose tag line is Eat Better, is focused on bringing healthy, fast and fresh food to the mainstream. And they have tons of vegan options with their salads, wraps, soups, hummus, juices, and now grain bowls. You can skip right to their interactive allergen menu, choose vegan and click on Show Me What I Can Eat, and I promise it doesnt get any easier than that. They list the veggies (duh), dressings and other toppings that are vegan-safe making it super simple to order. And because all of their dishes are put together fresh while you watch, you can also make changes to any menu item to make it vegan and to your taste."

Check out the full feature here and let us know what your favorite vegan dish is using #madgreens.