Toasting the Summer

The MAD Greens team took a break from sampling the Aphrodite salad to have fun in the photo booth during the 13th annual SummerToast event in Denver

On Thursday, August 13th, MAD Greens attended the 13th annual SummerToast, Denver's largest marketing and business networking event, to provide guests with complimentary samples of seasonal summer favorite, the Aphrodite salad. Special thanks to the marketing team's Rock Star intern, Peggy, as well as some of the crew from our 16th and Stout restaurant, Kaylee, Geoff and Dean. Great job spreading some 'eat better' love to event attendees. 

Aphrodite salad was prepared for the 13th annual SummerToast event

Pictured: MAD Greens' seasonal Aphrodite salad with baby greens, strawberries, cucumber, mozzarella cheese and toasted almonds.