Take a Selfie, Win a FREE Salad

The MAD Greens Free Salad Selfie Station at the Downtown Austin MAD Greens!

We love giving the gift of eating better, and to celebrate our upcoming MAD Greens location at the corner of 2nd and San Antonio in Downtown Austin, we're getting everyone in on the action. We just introduced the Free Salad Selfie Station, and anyone who stops by snaps a picture and shares it using the '#madgreens' hashtag will receive a FREE MAD Greens salad! Easy, right?

This isn't one of those special offers where you have to complete an insane list of tasks to be entered to win something...You win a free salad just by sharing a photo at the selfie station using the hashtag! So, snag a selfie or have a random passerby take a photo of you and your friends...Get creative with it and HAVE FUN. We'll be tracking all of the '#madgreens' mentions and we'll be in touch to ask for the mailing address of where we should send the Free Salad Card.

It's that simple! Thanks in advance for sharing your selfies and we can't wait to open our second Austin area MAD Greens at the corner of 2nd and San Antonio in Downtown Austin! (The first Texas MAD Greens opens at The Domain on April 7th and we're giving away free salads there as well. Seriously, we love giving the gift of eating better!)