Partner Feature: Maine Root Handcrafted Beverages

Main Root Soda

Occasionally our guests ask us about our beverage partner and why we chose to serve Maine Root Handcrafted Beverages at all MAD Greens restaurants. The answer is quite simply...amazing quality and taste! Maine Root was founded 12 years ago in a small town outside of Portland, Maine. Founder Matt Seiler wanted to create the best tasting, most environmentally-responsible soda possible.

Pictured: Mark from Maine Root talks about Maine Root's humble beginnings and the MAD Greens partnership. (We really love that the first test batch was created in a lobster pot!)

What's really cool about Maine Root is their use of Fair Trade Certified organic sugar in all of their sodas. Fair Trade certification means that sugar cane farmers receive a fair price for their harvest. It also creates direct trade links between farmer-owned cooperatives and buyers and provides access to affordable credit. And because they're selling at Fair Trade prices, small sugar farmers can pay for organic certification and training in sustainable agriculture techniques.

Main Root Soda
Pictured: Maine Root is known for their unique flavors like Black Cherry and Vanilla Creme.

Another cool fact? By using Fair Trade Certified organic cane sugar, Maine Root is keeping large amounts of herbicides and pesticides that are commonly sprayed on to sugar cane crops out of the ecosystem.

MAD Greens Main Root Mark (1:1)
Pictured: MAD Greens Co-Founder and Chief Culinary Officer, Dan Long, (left) talks to Maine Root's Mark Seiler during a recent visit to MAD Greens - The Domain in Austin, Texas.
Final fun fact: The Maine Root logo was hand drawn by Maine Root creator Matt Seiler. The image is of Scarborough Marsh, where Matt lived when he perfected his beverage recipe. (Check out the logo here.)

We are very proud of our partnership with Maine Root Handcrafted Beverages and we hope that if you haven't already experienced Maine Root, you visit MAD Greens today to try the various flavors. One word of caution though...They're very addicting!