MAD Greens Spring Menu Items

Spring Menu Comes to an End June 17th

The trees have transitioned from blooming to shading. We've shelved our sweaters and busted out the tank tops. And farms have moved from spring herbs to robust corn, strawberries and cucumbers. Yes, if that trickle of sweat down your back isn't indication enough, summer is upon us. Which means the MAD Greens spring menu is ending and June 17th will be your last day to get a Med Bowl or Moroccan Caesar salad. Our seasonal menu items are created to harness and celebrate the flavor of the season when certain fruits and veggies are at their peak. So as we move into summertime, it's time to bid adieu to delicate flavors like mint, lemon and pickled veggies. But we're cooking up something special for the summer including a long-time fan favorite salad plus a brand new grain bowl...both inspired by classic flavors but with a MAD twist, of course. Stay tuned! 

If you have fallen in love with our spring menu, or have yet to try one of these creations, hustle to your nearest MAD Greens before June 17th to grab a Med Bowl, Moroccan Caesar or Gingered Lemonade. They are all fresh, craveable and healthful…plus with every purchase, you’re giving a meal to a kid in need