New Menu Items Coming to Colorado

Siam I Am Salad with slow roasted chicken and quinoa

We have a number of exciting new additions to the MAD Greens menu that we are unveiling at our Colorado locations today including three delish wraps.

Siam I Am Wrap

Siam I Am Wrap & Salad

The Siam I Am was inspired by the traditional Thai papaya salad. Even though the final product looks nothing like one, the flavor profile is the same and frankly, its better (for you). Its a very filling yet healthy and powerful salad with tons of nutritional value combining warm quinoa, kale, spinach, peanuts, carrots, edamame, green onions and blended with a Ginger Soy dressing to highlight the Southeast Asian flavors.


Albert E's BLT Wrap

Albert E's BLT Wrap

Albert E's has long been a fan favorite of the MAD Greens "secret menu" and with its rise in popularity on the catering menu, we decided it was time to give it a permanent spot in our restaurants. Who doesnt love bacon, lettuce, tomato together? The slow-roasted chicken makes it more filling and Ranch is the best possible condiment to dip it all in. Brilliant!


Bollywood Curry Chicken Wrap

Bollywood Wrap

This tasty and flavorful wrap has been waiting too long for its menu debut. Today is the day! The curry chicken salad  with our slow-roasted chicken, celery and grilled onions hinges on a secret curry mayo recipe and doesnt need anything else except some Romaine for texture and the whole wheat tortilla, just to help get it into your mouth.


Green detox juice with kale, cucumber


The majority of our Colorado locations will also add seven fresh, made-to-order juices to their menu. We take whole, raw fruits and veggies -- like kale, spinach, cucumber, apples, ginger root -- and turn them into deliciously drinkable, nutrient rich juices. From the fan favorites Green Detox & Beet It, to the refreshing and seasonal Strawberry Cooler, youll quickly jump on the juice train to tasty town and never stop riding. Unfortunately, juice will not be coming to Fort Collins, Lakewood, or Park Meadows at this time.