New Kids' Super Box and Awesome Box are HERE!

MAD Greens Girl Eating Super Box

At MAD Greens, we love helping kids eat better so we're very excited to introduce some changes to our Kids' Menu that make it even more fun for our littlest eaters to get their fruits and veggies. Our new Kids' Super Box and Awesome Box are here!

Pictured: We want eating better to be fun for kids!

If you're wondering what these tasty boxes of goodness contain, read on:

MAD Greens Super Box (16:9)
Pictured: The Kids' Super Box includes slow-roasted chicken, apples, cheddar cheese, homemade croutons, tomatoes and ranch dipping sauce. (It comes with a kids' drink, too!)
MAD Greens Awesome Box
Pictured: The Kids' Awesome Box includes grilled citrus chicken, carrot sticks, edamame, apples, penne pasta and ranch dipping sauce.  (Like the Super Box, the Awesome Box also comes with a kids' drink!)

Inspired by the traditional 'bento boxes' common in Japanese cuisine, the Super Box and Awesome Box are a great way to make lunch or dinner a fun, hands-on experience. Did we mention that kids are encouraged to customize their box with their favorite fruits and veggies? We want each box to be as chewable, chompable and palate-pleasing as possible so feel free to get creative!  

Introducing the new kids' Awesome Box and Super Box meals at all MAD Greens!

Pictured: The MAD Greens Super Box and Awesome Box include five inspired ingredients, ranch dipping sauce and a kids' drink.

What else is different on the MAD Greens Kids' Menu? We've also added a new Penne + Cheese! Kids will love the fun penne pasta shape topped with a creamy cheese sauce.

The Kids' Super Box, Kids' Awesome Box and Kids' Penne + Cheese are now on the menu at ALL MAD Greens restaurants! We can't wait for your kiddos to try everything and let us know what they think. Well, actually, they're probably not reading this but you are so we'd love to hear what YOU think about our new menu additions! Feel free to send us an email to share any observations and in the meantime, we hope to see you and your family soon at MAD Greens!