New Kids' Boxes Featured on Phoenix Bites

MAD Greens Kids Awesome and Super Box (16:9)

Like many parents, PhoenixBites Editor-In-Chief Taryn Jeffries struggles when it comes to getting her picky, pint-sized eaters to eat healthy. But now, Taryn thinks this might change soon thanks to the recent introduction of our new kids' Awesome Box and Super Box. In her recent post, "How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy: Put Them in Charge!", Taryn writes: "Having all of the meal components separated, you’ll be pleasing those pint size eaters that simply cannot have their foods touching. I know a few grown ups that would be tickled with this set up as well."

MAD Greens Awesome Box
Pictured: The New Kids' Awesome Box

With fun, bite-sized ingredient combinations, eating better might just be easier! To read the entire feature, click here.