On a Mission to Help Kids Eat Better

MAD Greens Mesa - Dana Park hosted a special field trip for kids to learn about eating healthy.

MAD Greens is on a mission to help kids eat better, so we recently hosted a special event for some pint-sized fans to join us at MAD Greens Mesa - Dana Park to try out our new Awesome Box and Super Box kids' meals and learn some tips for eating healthy. One of our amazing Arizona General Managers - Bryan Folz - met with the group to talk about the importance of developing healthy eating habits at an early age. (He also guided the kids through some fun ingredient guessing games and food sampling, too!)

MAD Greens General Manager Bryan Folz talks to kids about healthy eating.
Pictured: Bryan meets with the kids and their parents to talk about trying new ingredients. Children can oftentimes be finicky eaters, so a good balance of different flavors, textures and bite-sized ingredients in salads or other kids' meals helps keep things appealing. 
Young MAD Greens fans try different ingredients at a recent healthy eating field trip.
Pictured: We set up several bowls full of different ingredients and encouraged the kids to try each one and talk about texture, taste and what ingredients go best together.

A big part of the event is letting the kids touch, smell and taste different fruits, vegetables or other toppings that they may not have previously experienced. 

Young MAD Greens fans learn about building a balanced salad during a field trip.

Pictured: Kids go through the salad line and build their perfect box meal.
After hearing some tips from Bryan about building a balanced box meal or salad, the kids were invited to go through the line and create their perfect, healthfully tasty meal. 
Pictured: Thanks to East Valley Moms Blog for sharing this great photo from the event!

We had a lot of fun sharing our love of eating better, and judging by all of the smiles, we think our special guests had a lot of fun, too. Check out one of our previous veggie-tastic field trips here.