The Mighty Aphrodite Salad Returns

Mighty Aphrodite Salad with citrus chicken

Strawberry season is here which means so is our beloved Aphrodite seasonal salad. Starting May 16th, MAD Greens fans in Arizona, Colorado and Texas will be able to enjoy one of our most popular seasonal salads. Picture this: Sweet strawberries, crisp cucumbers, crunchy almonds and creamy mozzarella on top of mixed greens and drizzled with a homemade Shallot Tarragon Vinaigrette. The richness of the cheese, the sweetness of the strawberries and the crunchy complement of the almonds make this dish an irresistable springtime treat!

Pictured: Chef Dan Long, MAD Greens Co-Founder and Chief Culinary Innovator, shares the inspiration behind the Aphrodite.

"When creating this salad, we felt strawberries would be a great focal point because they're representative of spring and summertime, they're refreshing, they pair well with many flavors and they're especially good in salads," said Long. According to Chef Dan, MAD Greens doesn't carry strawberries year round because in winter, strawberries aren't at their peak and the flavor tastes bland.

In case you're wondering why we named the salad 'Aphrodite', strawberries originated as heart-shaped tears shed by Aphrodite after the death of her immortal lover Adonis, according to Greek Mythology. Also, with their seeds on the outside and their voluptuous shape, strawberries are also associated with fertility and springtime.

Aphrodite Illustration
Pictured: Aphrodite, after eating the Aphrodite salad.

So, there you have it. More info than you ever wanted to know about Aprhodite and strawberries, but we hope it's made you hungry and that you drop everything you're doing and come into MAD Greens right now to enjoy this seasonal treat. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you.