Match 3 and Win with MAD Greens Catering

MAD Greens Catering Picnic

The annual Catering Match 3 Game has returned to all MAD Greens restaurants! If you like ordering tasty MAD Greens Catering and you like winning, read on to find out how you can match your way to victory.

From Sept. 7 -  March 31st, for every MAD Greens Catering order (pick-up or delivery), you'll receive one Match 3 playing card from a MAD Greens team member. There are four Character Cards in play that you can collect*: ♠ Edgar Allan Poe; ♥ Grace Kelly; ♣ Marilyn Monroe and ♦ Veggie Hamlet. If you collect three of a kind, you'll win ultimate glory in the form of a $50 Target gift card!

*As you start collecting your Match 3 Game cards, be sure to save them in a super secret spot. (Don't even tell your dog because he will try to steal them!) 

The MAD Greens Catering Match 3 Game playing cards.
Pictured: Keep your eyes peeled for these awesome Match 3 Game playing cards.

BONUS: There are also 4 Instant Winner cards in play. If you receive one of these with your Catering order instead of a Character Card, this is awesome news because you will have just won a FREE order of Hand-crafted Hummus & Pita Bread, a Dessert Box, Fresh Brewed Tea or a Free Salad with your next MAD Greens Catering order.

MAD Greens Catering Picnic Hummus Trio
Pictured: The Hummus Trio is always a crowd pleaser and you could win this instantly if you become a Match 3 Game Instant Winner! 

For complete details, including information on how to redeem the Instant Winner prizes, please see the official MAD Greens Catering Match 3 Game rules here.