MAD Greens Included in National Kids' Menu Trends Article

Lakeway MAD Greens Guests Eating

Ethnic flavors and vegetarian options are quickly becoming staples on many kids' menus across the country, and MarketWatch recently explored the trend in the article "Kids menus cater to sophisticated palates with edamame, kale and beets."

The report says that "while traditional dishes like burgers and grilled cheese aren’t going to go away, adults, Gen Xers in particular, are more willing to try new foods", and as they become more adventurous, their kids do, too. We want to make it easier for kids to eat healthy so we recently enhanced our kids menu, adding the Awesome Box and Super Box - options that let kids have more control over what they eat while also exploring new ingredients in the process.

MAD Greens Girl Eating Super Box
Pictured: A young MAD Greens guest enjoys her Super Box.
MarketWatch interviewed MAD Greens Co-Founder and Chief Culinary Officer Dan Long to learn more about kids menu trends and how restaurants can stay ahead of kids' changing palates. To read the complete article, click here.