MAD Greens Featured in LaroFit's Nutrition Spotlight

MAD Greens DAM exterior

Online fitness and health website, LaroFit, has featured MAD Greens in it's August 'Nutrition Spotlight'. In the feature, fitness and nutrition expert (and MAD Greens MADvocate!) Sarah Hipps discusses how she's not a salad person, but that MAD Greens is helping her become one. Sarah writes:

"The thing I liked immediately was the fact that I could create my own salad or customize the pre-made ones. Yes, this may not seem like a big deal since tons of places are doing MTO style foods these days, but this is huge for me – and for salads worldwide – since MAD Greens offers a plethora of protein choices. This means that I’m not relegated to only a few options for protein, and my protein choices can really add to the taste."

A screen capture from the LaroFit August 2016 MAD Greens feature.
Pictured: A screen grab from Sarah's review on LaroFit.

To read the entire review, you can see it here. Thanks Sarah for the kind words and we're happy that we fit into your nutrition routine!