It's Almost Time to Toss...Your Favorite Salad

Bowl MADness let the tossing begin

MAD Greens is gearing up for the biggest day of the year....the kickoff of the First Annual (Salad) Bowl MADness!! This will be a food fight of epic portions. Bowl MADness lets guests declare the best MAD Greens salad of all time!

Bowl Madness 2015 Week 1 bracket image 16:9

Bowl MADness is a single elimination tournament to determine definitively what is the most popular salad. We have ranked 16 spectacular salads according to a (mostly) scientific process. Higher-ranked salads have been placed into a bracket against lower-ranked salads based on their historical MADness and historical clout. Your job is to tweet, comment or post for your favorite in each head-to-head of lettuce matchup. Get ready, the MADness begins soon...

Salad goes flying