Introducing The Pancho Villa Salad

MAD Greens Pancho Villa Salad

Our newest seasonal salad - the Pancho Villa - is here! Just in time for the fall harvest season, Chef Dan's latest creation celebrates corn, more specifically the 'elote' style of eating this iconic fall vegetable. What is elote style? Picture corn on the cob grilled and smothered in creamy sauce, crumbly cheese and various spices. Typically the husk is used as the handle or a stick is inserted so you can take your treat to go.

The new MAD Greens Pancho Villa salad is inspired by the 'elote' style of corn on the cob.
Pictured: One example of a traditional elote style corn on the cob prepared with cilantro, butter, mayo, paprika and lime.

Check out the video to hear more from Chef Dan talking about bringing the classic elote flavors to the salad bowl:

Pictured: Chef Dan shares the inspiration behind his latest creation!

Harnessing the creamy, spicy cheese flavors in the classic elote sauce was top priority. (We think his addictive homemade Chili Lime Dressing is pretty darn close to the real thing.) The dressing is then drizzled over baby greens, warm quinoa, MAD Spice pumpkin seeds, roasted corn and grilled citrus chicken. What's left? A bowl full of awesome.

A top-down of the new Pancho Villa salad at MAD Greens.
Pictured: We love the bold colors in this salad!

But don't take it from us - we attended the 5280 Magazine's '5280 Dines' event to preview the Pancho Villa two days before its official launch and so many people came back for seconds and thirds that we actually ran out of the salad.

MAD Greens team members sampling the new Pancho Villa fall salad at the 5280 Dines event in Denver, Colorado.
Pictured: Hungry guests stopping by the MAD Greens 5280 Dines table to sample the Pancho Villa before we ran out.

In conclusion: If you're still reading this...STOP immediately and head to your local MAD Greens and try the new Pancho Villa for yourself! Here's a link to our locations. (Remember, Pancho will only be around for a short while so devour him while you can!)

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy all of the flavors and textures of the famously popular elote street cart snack in a less messy and easier to eat option...And we want to hear what you think about it so please share your comments and pics by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. (Use the '#madgreens' hashtag on Instagram and Twitter so we can find it!)