Go Beyond the Greens with the Pancho Villa

MAD Greens Pancho Villa Salad

The Cilantro Chili Lime Dressing has a tangy lime flavor and it goes well with the spice.
-Avangelina, salad artist

Our most popular seasonal salad ever, the Pancho Villa, celebrates sweet summer corn with the creamy, spicy cheese flavors of elote, a classic street food found throughout Mexico. Corn is grilled and then slathered in butter or sour cream, crumbly cheese, and spices like salt, chili powder and lemon or lime. 

The key to harnessing these flavors is in the dressing...a simple buttermilk mixed with feta or cotija cheese to achieve the perfect creaminess. We kick it up a notch by adding MAD Spice, cilantro, black pepper and cumin then finish with fresh lime juice. The slightly nutty flavor of warm quinoa contrasts its richness perfectly and a heaping serving of hearty baby greens adds body and nutrients like protein and fiber. We doubled down on corn then top the salad with MAD Spice pumpkin seeds for crunch.

As Isaac said, the Pancho Villa combines all of the flavors and textures of elote in a less messy and easier-to-eat option.