Get Nutty with the Health Nut

MAD Greens Health Nut Salad

Getting ready for swimsuit season? Training for a spring marathon? Whatever your fitness goals, Chef Dan has your back (and your front, and your sides!) with his newest creation: The Health Nut salad. Available NOW until May 15 only in Arizona*. A "Health Nut", according to Urban Dictionary, is "a person who is obsessed about his or her health." The Health Nut salad is perfect for all of the Health Nuts out there, but also for anyone who might enjoy a tasty, protein-filled roundhouse kick to their tastebuds.

Heaps of fresh spinach, hardboiled eggs, carrots, edamame and Piri Piri tofu are topped with our homemade Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette (we make all of our dressings fresh, from scratch each day!)...And to add a little MADness into the mix, the Health Nut salad ironically contains NO nuts at all. Just plenty of delicious, crunchy sunflower seeds. All of these healthy fats, fibers and proteins help keep you fuller, longer, so you're fueled and good-to-go for whatever adventure life throws at you next.

Here's Chef Dan sharing the inspiration for the Health Nut:

What are you still doing reading this?! Get nutty with the Health Nut before it's gone on May 16!

*Colorado fans: The Health Nut Salad isn't on the menu but we have all of the tasty ingredients to build it for you.