Fuel Up for the Big Game

Feed your crew with MAD Greens catering for the big game.

If there's one thing that's just as important as the teams that are playing during the biggest sports showdown of the year, it's the food that's being served at the party. To make sure you've got the best spread, the Eat Better gurus in the MAD Greens Catering department have come up with a doozy of a deal. From now until 5pm on Friday, February 5, order any Eat Better Box for pick up, use code GOBRONCOS at check out and you'll receive 50% off your order! We repeat: 50% off your Eat Better Box order. 

Feed your crew with MAD Greens catering for the big game.
Pictured: With a spread this good, you might forget about the game!

Whether you want to cheer on the team with a ton of Albert E's BLT wraps or a pile of (Edgar Allan) Poes...We're helping you do it a little more economically. With all the money you'll save on a catering deal this awesome, we've come up with a list of other things you can buy instead:

  • Artisinal ice for your party drinks
  • A bedazzled Payton Manning jersey
  • 500,000 avocados to make the world's largest vat of guacamole
  • An original 1942 Denver Broncos football unearthed during the construction of the Pepsi Center
  • Enough tortilla chips to create a chip and dip tower taller than something really, really tall

In short, great food + awesome price + no cooking on game day + impressing all of your friends = a pretty great idea. Email [email protected] if we can help you pick your game-winning spread!