A Fond Farewell To National Salad Week

Lakeway MAD Greens Salad Artist Helping Guest

While we are sad that National Salad Week is officially over, we are ecstatic that thousands of people shared a love of salad, fresh, seasonal eats and the Fall harvest by coming into their local MAD Greens, trying new recipes and sharing photos of their experience. Thanks to everyone who joined us during our first-ever National Salad Week!

A MAD Greens team member holding out a salad at the Round Rock, Texas location.
Pictured: Thanks to everyone who helped us share a love of salad!
Pictured: One Instagram fan showcases a tasty looking salad.

And remember, even though the week of salad goodness may be officially over, we are still sharing our love of all things salad with these 5 tips:

  1. When building your salad, make sure it's healthy AND flavorful. Coach Kati shows you how here.
  2. Stave off salad boredom by getting seasonally inspired. Our very own Chef Dan shares one creative use of seasonal peaches in this tasty grilled peaches and arugula salad recipe.
  3. DIY salad dressing is easy! Find out how to make a classic vinaigrette using ingredients that are likely already in your kitchen here.
  4. The end of summer doesn't necessarily mean the end of growing your own fresh garden veggies. Here Denver Urban Gardens provides some easy tips to keeping those greens growing late into the Fall.
  5. Spinach is a great addition to your salad garden...But do you know why? Our friends at the Sustainable Food Center tell us more about this 'prince of vegetables' here.

Until National Salad Week 2017, keep sharing your salad-centric tips, recipes and photos with us using #madgreens on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!