“Flyathletes” Run, Fish, and Drink Beer for a Good Cause

The Second Annual Rocky Mountain Flyathlon

On Saturday, August 15, 50 outdoor enthusiasts gathered at the Gateway to the San Luis Valley outside of beautiful Saguache, Colo. Meet the "Flyathletes"... A rare group possessing the uncommon combination of skills and passions: fly fishing, trail running, and consuming exceptional craft beer.

50 Flyathlete Gather in Colorado for the 2015 Flyathlon

Pictured: Flyathletes prepare to run, fish, and sip in the 2015 Rocky Mountain Flyathlon. Credit: Rocky Mountain Flyathlon.

The group was ready to take part in the second annual Rocky Mountain Flyathlon, a play on the classic triathlon where the rules are fairly simple. Complete a 7- or 12-mile trail run, catch and take a picture of a fish at any point during the run, drink delicious local beer, and do it all as quickly as possible. The bigger the fish, the more time is taken off the run and this year, all but four Flyathletes hooked a catch.

MAD Greens was thrilled to participate in this unique event by providing three salads for the ravenous racers. 

A Hungry Flyathlete Devours His MAD Greens

Pictured: A hungry Flyathlete prepares to devour his MAD Greens after the race. Credit: Rocky Mountain Flyathlon.

Flyathletes Ravenously Tackle Their MAD Greens

Pictured: Flyathlon participants munch on some MAD Greens near the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Credit: Rocky Mountain Flyathlon.

Participants also raised money for on-the-ground trail and stream restoration projects. Last year, the event raised almost $6,600. Event founder Andrew Todd set a goal of $10,000 for 2015 and is proud to report, "the Flyathletes raised over $22,000 for coldwater conservation and education projects. This by far exceeded our fundraising expectations, and has me super optimistic for the future."