Eating Better with the Boys and Girls Clubs

Members of Boys and Girls Clubs of the East Valley - Grant Woods Branch play a trivia game with field trip host Bryan Folz.

We love helping kids eat better, so after our recent MAD Greens Mesa - Dana Park grand opening where we partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of the East Valley - Grant Woods Branch to raise money for their youth enrichment programs, we invited the group back for a special field trip.

Studies show that healthy eating habits start at an early age so we've been working with the Boys and Girls Clubs to host healthy eating culinary adventures for kids ages 6-12. The recent field trip was hosted by one of our Arizona General Managers - Bryan Folz - who did a great job keeping the kids engaged and having fun the entire time.

Boys and Girls Clubs of the East Valley - Grant Woods Branch were invited to MAD Greens to learn healthy eating tips.Pictured: Central to the field trip was letting the kids touch, smell and taste different fruits, veggies and ingredients like hummus that they may not have experienced previously. By introducing new flavors in a fun way, the hope is that these students will be more open to new or unfamiliar flavors in the future.
During the event the kids also got to try our newest kids' menu items, the kids' Awesome Box and Super Box meals. Designed to please even the pickiest eaters, the new box meals turn veggies and protein into bite-sized, dippable fun. Bryan shared some tips on the importance of building a balanced boxed meal or salad, and then the kids got to walk through the salad line and build their ultimate healthy and tasty meal based on what they learned.
During the field trip the Grant Woods Branch students each received their own Awesome Box or Super Box meal and learned about the importance of incorporating fruits and veggies into their daily routines.
Pictured: Each attendee received an Awesome Box or Super Box.
We had a great time at the event...Many thanks to BGC - Grant Woods Branch for helping to co-organize such a fun field trip! For pictures from previous culinary field trips, please see here and here.