Doc Holliday Comes to Colorado

Doc Holliday Salad with citrus chicken

If you've visited a MAD Greens in Arizona, chances are you're familiar with the one and only Doc Holliday. We're not talking about Wyatt Earp's infamous best friend known for the shootout at O.K. Corral, we're talking about his healthful counterpart...The Doc Holliday salad

A little savory, a little sweet - Doc (the salad) has the ingredients MAD Greens' menu legends are made of. But he's also a rebel with an obsession for high altitude thrill-seeking. So when this Wild West taste sensation stole our horses, robbed a bank outside of Mesa, Arizona and jumped on a train...We had a feeling we knew where he was headed. 

The Doc Holliday salad is wanted in Colorado...By your taste buds.
Pictured: Baby greens, red grapes, red onions, oranges and MAD Spice pumpkin seeds are topped by a delightful Miso Sesame Vinaigrette make the Doc Holliday wanted in multiple states.
So why did we name a salad after a gunslinger, gambler and occasional dentist, anyway? Because we believe that even outlaws had an appreciation for eating better. But back to the story at hand: We have reason to believe Doc's only in Colorado for a limited time, so get your hands on him while you can! 
Doc Holliday
Pictured: We didn't know Doc Holliday but we are pretty darn sure he would have enjoyed the Doc Holliday salad.