Chef's Inspiration: The Eva Peron

Texas fans get ready for a treat with our new Texas-inspired Eva Peron seasonal salad! What makes this dish so amazing? The secret's in the smoke as Chef Dan Long, MAD Greens Co-Founder and Chief Culinary Innovator reveals:

Pictured: We sat down with Chef Dan to find out how he created the Eva Peron.

The Eva Peron features baby greens, plancha style veggies (carrots, beets and fennel from Johnson's Backyard Garden!), cotija cheese, grilled citrus chicken topped with a homemade Chimichurri Vinaigrette.

MAD Greens Plancha Style Vegetables
Pictured: Our plancha cooked veggies are roasted fresh each day!

Chef Dan was inspired to create the Eva after sitting down to some amazing Texas BBQ on a recent trip to Austin, Texas. The flavor of Texas BBQ is heavily influenced by open fire and controlling smoke and flames to create a specific taste. The same holds true with another one of Chef Dan's favorite culinary genres - Argentinian "plancha style" cooking. What would happen if the two were fused together? They'd make a deliciously tasty food baby named Eva and the rest is history.

The Eva Peron is only available at our Texas MAD Greens for a limited time, so get it while you can!