Chef's Inspiration: The Bonnie Parker Salad

MAD Greens Bonnie Parker Texas (16:9)

Don't let anyone steal this salad from you! You'll want to keep the Bonnie Parker safe.

Chef Dan's inspiration for the Texas-only Bonnie Parker salad came from, where else, the barbeque. He acheived the impossible by putting the traditional BBQ flavor and smokiness into this salad, while keeping the calorie count down and nutritional benefits up (at least compared to a brisket or rack of ribs).

The Bonnie Parker comes to life through the smoked cheddar cheese, which emphasizes umami. What's that, you ask? It's one of the five basic tastes humans can taste and translates from Japanese as "pleasant savory taste." The sweet craisins and crisp apples bring a nice sweet element in, then the MAD Spice pecans really drive this salad home.
MAD Greens Arugula Ingredients for Chef Dan Peaches and Arugula Salad
Pictured: These nutty little nuggets may not look like much but they sure pack a punch!
The Smokey Cider Vinaigrette brings the whole salad together and leaves you with a nice smoky finish on the palette.
So MAD Greens fans, if you're reading this AND you happen to live in the Austin, Texas area...Or if you happen to be visiting ATX anytime soon...Get to a MAD Greens as quickly as you can to try the famous Bonnie Parker salad! We promise it will be knee-slappin and taste bud kickin' good.