MAD Greens BBQ Grain Bowl

BBQ Grain Bowl Hits Utah

We are excited to introduce a brand new grain bowl now available at all Utah MAD Greens: the BBQ Bowl. This is a MAD twist on a classic BBQ salad with tomatoes, roasted corn, jack cheese, MAD Spice pumpkin seeds and crispy jalapenos, all served over our hearty wild rice blend and spinach. But it's the Jalapeno Honey BBQ Sauce that really knocks this grain bowl out of the backyard. 

The dressing tastes like a classic BBQ sauce but a bit thinner with strong sweet and spicy notes. Some fresh jalapenos give it a good kick that's mellowed out by the honey's sweetness. We originally developed this dressing for a salad, but after tasting it with the grains, we knew our vision had to change. (Note that we still think it would be delicious on the Bonnie Parker as well as the Don Quixote...but also the Southwest Bowl and definitely the Spicy Bacon Bowl.)

After nailing down the Jalapeno Honey BBQ Sauce, the rest of the bowl fell into place based on what flavors and textures it needed. It’s savory, spicy and sweet with a great crunch from the pumpkin seeds and crispy jalapeno strips plus bursts of freshness from the tomatoes and the corn. It's clear to see that the BBQ Bowl is inspired by its namesake and we hope you love it as much as we do.