Austin: Free Salad Day is Coming!

MAD Greens Free Salad Day announcement for MAD Greens - The Domain in Austin, Texas.

Calling all salad lovers, free food fans and anyone who loves having a great time. We're planning a huge Free Salad Day celebration just for you on Thursday, April 7 at our newest MAD Greens - The Domain (3100 Esperanza Crossing, Suite 130 in Austin, TX 78758)! What is Free Salad Day? It's where we give away a regular-sized salad (with optional protein) and fountain beverage to each guest who attends between 10:30am and 8:00pm. How cool is that?

Nothing but your appetite is needed to participate, but in lieu of charging for food we'll be collecting cash donations to benefit Austin's Sustainable Food Center (SFC). SFC is involved in every step of Austin's local food system with a mission to cultivate a healthy community by strengthening the local food system and improving access to nutritious, affordable food. Look for donation jars during Free Salad Day and help us support this amazing organization!

Free salad day grand opening restaurant Westminster
Pictured: Guests enjoying their meals at a 2015 Free Salad Day celebration.
We'll also have surprise live entertainment, a photo booth and giveaways, so get ready for a good time as we celebrate the FIRST Texas MAD Greens in style.
Frequently Asked Free Salad Day Questions:
- Can I bring a friend? YES. Please bring 10 of your friends!
- Can I pick up a free salad for a friend who’s stuck at work? Sorry, but to keep things fair it’s one-for-one on Free Salad Day. This means those who are in line receive the goods.
- Can I call in my order ahead of time so I don’t have to wait? Sorry, but to keep things fair it’s one-for-one Free Salad Day. This means those who are in line receive the goods.
- Can I come back later and get more free food? YES. It sounds like you're a MAD Greens Super Fan. Please come back as many times as you'd like!
Mad Greens customers enjoying their food
Pictured: Happy kids enjoying free salads at a recent Free Salad Day event.
Frequently Asked Free Salad Day Questions, continued:
- What about kids menu items, are those free? We have a great kids menu but just for Free Salad Day we're only serving free salads. (We have a great Mark Twain pasta salad that is perfect for kiddos!) Please come back after Free Salad Day to experience our full menu of not only salads but fresh wraps, paninis, juices and soups.
- I can’t get there until 7:59pm on April 7th. Will I still get a Free Salad? YES! Everyone who’s in line at 8:00pm will receive a free salad. So, please don’t show up at 8:01pm or that would be a huge bummer!
- Why are you giving away free food? Because this is the BEST way to meet our new Austin neighbors, raise money for a great cause and have a lot of fun while we’re doing it.

We'll see you April 7th, Austin!