Are You Ready To Get Fresh, Fast?

MAD Greens Mckenna Handing Togo Order

At MAD Greens, we believe in fresh, made-from-scratch meals served fast. That’s why we love offering online ordering to all of our guests...Nobody should skip a healthy meal because it takes too long or is inconvenient.

Video: Online ordering 101.
Here's how our nifty online ordering works:
  • Work up an appetite
  • Visit from your desktop or mobile device
  • Select your pick-up location
  • Select your pick-up time (currently, only same day ordering is available)
  • Choose your menu item(s), pay with a credit card or MAD Greens gift card and submit
  • Arrive at MAD Greens at your time, skip* the line and go straight to the register
  • Grab your food and go...Then enjoy!
*Line haters: This is your chance to skip the lunch line and get away with it!
MAD Greens Juice
Pictured: At most restaurants, you can also order our fresh juices to-go as well! Perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up...Just check your local MAD Greens for availability beforehand.
We love that the process is convenient and mobile-friendly...But don't just take our word for it! Have you ordered online yet? We'd love for you to give it a try and let us know your thoughts. Please share any feedback on social media using #madgreens; OR you can also get in touch via email at [email protected].
And hey, don’t hog all of the online ordering glory for yourself! Remember that you can also use online ordering for small groups, so feel free to order a salad for Marissa in IT and Jim in HR, too. (It couldn’t hurt to have a few colleagues owe you favors, right?) We hope you have a tasty time using online ordering and remember that you can now say ‘no’ to long lunch lines!