7th Ave. & McDowell MAD Greens on Channel 10's Cory's Corner

Cory McCloskey Fox 10 Phoenix Arizona Marley 7th Ave McDowell (16:9)

MAD Greens Co-Founder Marley Hodgson (pictured above right) had some fun showing Fox 10's Cory McCloskey (pictured, above center) around the newest Arizona MAD Greens at 7th Ave. and McDowell in Phoenix this morning. The soon-to-be-opened restaurant is the 4th Arizona MAD Greens and first in Phoenix. During the segment, Marley made Cory a beautiful and tasty looking Arizona-inspired F.L.W. salad, discussed the upcoming Free Salad Day grand opening party (hint, it's TOMORROW, Sept. 29 at 7th Ave. & McDowell!) and explained how we'll be fundraising for our friends at the Phoenix Children's Hospital during the grand opening.

Check out the clip here.