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Weight Loss Success Story: Macaire

A real-life testimonial from one of our guests

Eating a MAD Greens salad in Boulder, Colorado.

Last year, I decided that I needed to get serious about losing the extra 35 pounds I was carrying around.  I decided to overhaul my body through a combination of yoga and better eating. MAD Greens is the best place I know to get an outrageously healthy and delicious meal on the fly. I'm in Boulder every other week for several days on business, and I always have lunch (and sometimes dinner!) at MAD Greens. The crew at that location is just awesome! 


I love to take any salad on the menu and substitute spinach for the lettuce (it's a superfood, you know!), and I love the ginger soy and roasted red pepper dressings because they're low calorie but so flavorful.

After about four months, I went vegetarian and started putting tofu on my salads. All total, I lost the 35 pounds and then some...and I recently celebrated the 6-month anniversary of keeping it off! The best thing about the whole experience is that MAD Greens has helped reshape my taste buds. If you had told me a year ago that a big spinach salad piled high with veggies would someday beat out a Larkburger and fries as my lunch of choice, I'd have laughed at you. But that's exactly where I am today, and with a lot less junk in the trunk to boot.


Thanks for bringing great salads to the masses!


Boulder, CO

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