MAD Greens Summer LTO 2019

Under the Strawberry Sun

Nothing says summer like the scent of a strawberry

Everyone loves the scents of summer: freshly cut grass, warm sunshine on your skin, and those juicy red berries that smell as good as they taste. Strawberries are the true herald of summertime and our seasonal menu celebrates the heck out of them with three preparations. Long-time fan favorite, the Mighty Aphrodite salad, features fresh strawberries alongside mozzarella, cucumbers and a Shallot Tarragon Vinaigrette. The brand new Sweet Bacon Blue wrap has roasted strawberries in a vinaigrette that marries blue cheese and bacon in a spinach tortilla. And the classic Strawberry Cooler juices the little red guys for a refreshing drink, perfect for hot afternoons.

MAD Greens Mighty Aphrodite

Mighty Aphrodite

One of our favorite ingredient combinations is juicy strawberries, crisp cucumbers, crunchy almonds and creamy mozzarella. The Shallot Tarragon Vinaigrette tops it off with fresh shallots and hand-picked tarragon which shine next to the sumptuous strawberries and fresh greens. It’s no wonder this is the Mighty Aphrodite’s 11th year on our summer menu! 

Sweet Bacon Blue 

The Sweet Bacon Blue wrap balances creamy blue cheese and salty bacon with fresh juicy strawberries and a fruity dressing. We roast the strawberries for the vinaigrette to create a deep, sweet flavor to counteract the strong blue cheese. PRO TIP: Don't care for blue cheese? Try the wrap with goat or feta!

MAD Greens Sweet Bacon Blue Wrap
MAD Greens Strawberry Cooler

Strawberry Cooler

This juice was literally designed to highlight strawberries. We add a couple oranges and apples to complement them, and a bit of mint for a nice pop at the end, but truly, this is all berry, all the time. The Strawberry Cooler will definitely become your go-to summertime treat.


Our summer menu is now available at all MAD Greens, but it’s only here as long as strawberries are in season!