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Tips for Creating Your Own MAD Masterpiece

Do's & don't's when playing salad chef

Creating a salad that is well-balanced and tasty can take a bit of practice. But with some simple guidelines, it's easy to make your salads healthful and tasty.  
#1: Bump up the base
When it comes to greens, the deeper the color, the higher the nutrition. Try spinach or kale as your base for a boost of nutrients and texture. Not a huge fan? Go half-and-half with romaine or baby greens! Quinoa is also a great addition to bulk up the salad and its nutients. 
#2: Begin with the end in mind
What are you craving today? Our 50+ fresh ingredients and 15+ scratch-made dressings can create almost any flavor profile. If your mouth is watering for some Asian flavors, try the Grilled Steak (marinated in soy sauce and honey) with the Ginger Soy dressing or Sriracha Almond vinaigrette. Hankering for a Mexican dish? Pair the Grilled Southwestern Chicken with Chipotle Caesar dressing and a MAD Spice Avocado plus Roasted Corn. So take a moment to check in with your tastebuds before heading down the line
MAD Greens Pancho Villa
#3: Don't forget texture 
A good dish has complementary flavors AND textures. Nuts like Almonds or Walnuts add a great crunch to your salad whereas legumes like Chickpeas or Edamame bring a grainy, chewy texture. Cheeses or an Avocado are a delicious way to add creaminess. No matter your combo, think of getting a bit of everything: soft, hard, crunchy, chewy, crisp. 
#4: Get creative 
The options are truly endless at MAD Greens...we did the math, there are over 136 million possible salad combinations. So think beyond the normal and don't be afraid to try something new like Roasted Beets (surprisingly sweet!) or Artichoke Hearts (nice and tangy). Fruit can really take your salad to the next level, the sweet/savory pairing is a classic chef technique so throw in some Mangos or Craisins. If you're feeling nervous about a possible ingredient, ask your salad artist for their recommendation! We've tried it all and are here you help you make the best salad ever.
MAD Greens Sunset Valley Chris
Following these steps will result in an awesome salad you'll want to build again and again.