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Taste of Summer: A Tribute to the Season

What’s the best thing about summer besides blue sky and sunshine? Our three summer menu items that pay homage to summertime classics: backyard barbeques and juicy fresh fruit. These recipes are a celebration of seasonal flavors and include a couple fan favorite items as well as a brand new grain bowl, available now at your closest MAD Greens. 

MAD Greens Summer Menu Aphrodite Salad

Mighty Aphrodite

Strawberry season is here which means so is our beloved Mighty Aphrodite salad. This popular seasonal treat has one of our favorite ingredient combinations: plump Strawberries, crisp Cucumbers, crunchy Almonds and creamy Mozzarella. The Shallot Tarragon Vinaigrette tops it off with fresh shallots and hand-picked tarragon in white wine vinegar plus mustard and honey. The simplicity of the dressing recipe allows for the mild flavor of the shallots and aroma of the tarragon to shine next to the sumptuous strawberries and fresh greens. Every bite is like a little (poolside) party in your mouth.

BBQ Grain Bowl 

The new BBQ Grain Bowl is here to satisfy every taste bud on your tongue. You get spicy satisfaction from the crispy jalapeno strips and MAD Spice Pumpkin seeds. But just as your mouth starts to burn, you get a burst of freshness from the Tomatoes and Roasted Corn. The Jalapeno Honey BBQ Sauce really knocks this bowl out of the park! This dressing tastes like a traditional BBQ sauce but a bit thinner with strong sweet and spicy notes. Some fresh jalapenos give it a good kick that's mellowed out by the honey's sweetness. If summer had a taste, it would be the BBQ Bowl. 

MAD Greens Summer Menu BBQ Grain Bowl
MAD Greens Summer Menu Strawberry Cooler

Strawberry Cooler 

While the BBQ Bowl heats you up and the Aphrodite cools you down, the Strawberry Cooler is here to refresh you all season long. Those little red berries are the star, but we added oranges and apples to complement them and create a naturally sweet drink. A bit of mint adds a nice pop at the end making it perfect for sipping by the pool or at your next picnic. 

Make sure to come on by to try our summer menu which will only around as long as strawberries are in season!