MAD Greens Station Park Team Exterior

Second Utah MAD Greens Now Open

We are officially stationed at Station Park

Utah's newest MAD Greens is now open and ready to serve the good citizens of Farmington* some fresh and delicious salads, juices, paninis, wraps and soups. The grand opening shindig for MAD Greens - Station Park was Thursday, October 6th and included balloons galore, lots of great food and a ribbon cutting with Farmington Mayor Jam Talbot. Of course, our charity partner - Wasatch Community Gardens - was on hand to talk about how they're making a difference throughout the Wasatch Valley.  

*If you don't live in Farmington, we'll still happily serve you really tasty food.
Pictured: Take a peek inside our newest Utah store at Station Park in Farmington. 

If you missed the grand opening or if you want to re-live all of the action from the day, we've compiled a photo recap below:

Station Park chows down at the second MAD Greens Utah location
Pictured: Utahans flocked to MAD Greens - Station Park to enjoy some healthy, fresh food.
Marley shows Farmington Mayor Jim Talbot around Station Park
Pictured: MAD Greens Co-Founder Marley Hodgson gives Farmington Mayor Jim Talbot and his wife, Karen, a behind-the-scenes tour.
MAD Greens Station Park Guests
Pictured: Kiddos were eating up the Super and Awesome boxes!
MAD Greens Station Park Guests
Pictured: Guests tall and small chowed down at the Grand Opening.
MAD Greens Station Park Team Member
Pictured: MAD Greens salad artists prepare customized salads and wraps right in front of your eyes.
A MAD Greens Station Park team member.
Pictured: Our Station Park team members always bring a little MADness to our restaurants!
MAD Greens Station Park Team Exterior
Pictured: Some of the MAD Greens team, including MAD Greens Co-Founder Marley Hodgson (above the ribbon, with the jumbo scissors), celebrate the grand opening with some help from Mayor Jim Talbot (center)!
Community partner Wasatch Community Gardens hangs out with us at the Station Park grand opening
Pictured: A portion of our grand opening day sales was donated back to our friends at Wasatch Community Gardens (WCG), who also set up a table outside the restaurant to collect donations and educate guests about what they do for the community. WCG has served Wasatch Front residents since 1989 with the belief that the quality of a community is directly related to the quality of its food. WCG offers garden space, educational programs and community events to empower people to grow, harvest, preserve and prepare fresh, healthy food.
MAD Greens Station Park Team Member
Pictured: General Manager Nina V. looks forward to serving you and your family soon!
Actually, we can't let Nina have all of the fun. Everyone here at MAD Greens is looking forward to serving you and your family, so we hope you come visit us soon at Station Parkway and Park Lane in Farmington.