MAD Greens Rowdy Mermaid Flavors

Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha Now Available in Colorado

Our Colorado locations are now proudly serving Rowdy Mermaid kombucha, brewed right here in the Rocky Mountains. They believe that kombucha should be as delicious as it is good for you which led them on a mission to reinvent a 2,000 year-old beverage for modern lifestyles. The result is a Certified Organic, crisp and energizing drink handcrafted with Colorado snowmelt and inspired by the local wildscape. This is not your grandma's kombucha - not too sugary and not a hint of vinegar! Their unique offerings have earned approval from kombucha traditionalists and newcomers alike.

Most MAD Greens in Colorado are offering two functional and delicious flavors: Lion's Root and Strawberry Tonic. A few other locations (Lone Tree, Westminster and Highlands Ranch) also have Savory Peach and Living Ginger. Grab one with your next salad and let us know which is your favorite!

MAD Greens Salad with Rowdy Mermaid

The Lion’s Root has quickly become a "MAD fan" favorite. An pineapple-forward flavor that awakens focus with Lion’s Mane Mushroom for brain function plus turmeric for antioxidants.


The Strawberry Tonic merges sweet strawberry and bright hibiscus with the detoxifying power of dandelion root and prebiotic raw chicory.  It's perfect with the Mighty Aphrodite salad or Sweet Bacon Blue wrap!


Savory Peach and Living Ginger are only available at a few locations, but they are not to be missed. They promote immunity and resilience, respectively, and taste as good as they look.


Try one of these delicious and functional flavors today!