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The transition to fall can be comforting – cozy sweaters, warm meals, and one step closer to the end of this year. We love combining fresh salad ingredients with roasted vegetables as the weather cools. For our fall menu this year, we have roasted brussels sprouts and beets alongside a veritable cornucopia of crisp veggies, fruits and nuts. Because even though you might be busting out the crockpot and dreaming of mashed potatoes, we’re still here with your greens! 

MAD Greens Belgium Bowl

Brussels sprouts are a hearty, high-fiber veggie so we shave them thin and get some char in the oven to take away any bitterness. They're a great addition to any salad on our menu – might we recommend the Pancho Villa to amplify its earthiness or the MAD Caesar to jazz up a classic? The autumnal Belgium Bowl is loaded with roasted sprouts alongside smoky, salty bacon and slightly spicy pecans. Even if you're a Brussels sprouts naysayer, we think this grain bowl may help you discover a newfound love! It hits every single flavor and texture you could want in a satisfying bowl of veggies.

Speaking of textures, the fan favorite Crazy Ivan has returned for a limited time! This salad plays off the classic pairing of beets and goat cheese but gets a little crunchy madness from pumpkin seeds and homemade croutons. Beets are loaded with flavor and nutrients so roasting them up is a no brainer. And we love the distinct creaminess that goat cheese adds to this salad. The vinaigrette finishes it with a deep, caramelized flavor from molasses that pairs splendidly with earthy sherry vinegar and mustard. Hurry in to your nearest MAD Greens because the Crazy Ivan won’t be around forever.

MAD Greens Crazy Ivan
MAD Greens Cherry Zing

Finally, we have the Cherry Zing…your fall-ternative to the typical pumpkin drink. We juice whole ginger root and dark cherries with red AND green apples to develop a sweet, spicy flavor profile. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, it's the perfect juice to pair with our inspired seasonal menu or for a boost of energy as the days get shorter. 


No matter what you order, our fall menu will surely leaf a smile on your face.