MAD Greens Remodel Interior

The Original MAD Greens Grand Re-Opening

Partying like it's 2004

Did you know the MAD Greens on County Line and Yosemite was the orginial MAD Greens?! That's right! This is the first restaurant that started all the magic 12 years ago and until a few weeks ago, the interior was still stuck in 2004. This store just needed a face-lift so it was closed for a few days and reopened with a fresh, new look (with same fresh, great-tasting salads). To celebrate this exciting transformation, we held a grand re-opening party on Friday, July 8th featuring festive balloons, vegan cupcakes made by one of our very own salad artists and a DJ spinning the top hits from 2004 (yeah, Usher!). 

Pictured: In case you weren’t able to join us in person, watch this video recap of the day’s highlights and you’ll feel like you were there!

Co-founders Dan and Marley also revisited the past and worked on the line making salads for all the visitors...just like the good ole' days. The first 20 guests in line even recieved a free $20 gift card! If you didn't make it to the party, don't worry because the restuarant is back open with normal hours so feel free to come check out our fresh, new look!

Here are some MAD pictures from the party:

MAD Greens Remodel Team Picture
Pictured: The team was excited to start the party! 


MAD Greens County Line & Yosemite Grand Re-opening
Pictured: Janice from Above It All Balloonery delivering balloons in the morning to make the event even more festive and exciting. 


MAD Greens County Line & Yosemite Grand Re-opening
Pictured: No this is not a new salad with cupcakes in it (although that would be amazing). But those are the most delicious vegan cupcakes made by one of our very own salad artists!


MAD Greens Remodel Team Picture Dan and Marley
Pictured: Two super fans that waited in line starting at 8 a.m. to claim their $20 gift cards and meet co-founders Marley (far left) and Dan (far right). We love our fans!


MAD Greens Remodel Marley on Line
Pictured: Co-founder Marley helping out making salads just as he did in 2004!
MAD Greens Remodel Interior
Pictured: The beautiful new restaurant design...We hope you can come check it out soon!