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Menu Feature: Spicy Bacon Bowl

The stuff food dreams are made of

TheĀ Spicy Bacon Bowl is comfort fuel for your day and we dare you not to devour it at every meal. It's full of the stuff food dreams are made of: bacon, sriracha, cheddar cheese...everything you've ever wanted.

While there is beloved bacon in every bite, it's the Sriracha Almond Vinaigrette that's going to keep you coming back for more. It has the bold flavor of Sriracha but honey balances out the spiciness and skin-on toasted almonds give this dairy-free dressing a rich, creamy mouthfeel. The dressing was originally created for an Asian-inspired seasonal salad but quickly became a favorite among guests and salad artists alike. Its sweet heat pairs well with almost any salad on our menu, but it really elevates the Spicy Bacon Bowl with its bacon-forward saltiness.

MAD Greens Making Dressing Sriracha

Sriracha is one of five ingredients in this unique, delicious dressing. While the recipe for Sriracha hasn't changed since inception, the chiles used to make the sauce have gotten progressively spicier. The chiles are harvested from the same farm only once a year so Huy Fong can monitor the quality of the ingredients.

The Spicy Bacon Bowl epitomizes its Southern inspiration and we recommend trying it with our Piri Piri Shrimp for our take on shrimp and grits. It is warm and crave-able without being too heavy, thanks to the nutritional wild rice blend and fresh pop from the green onions.

MAD Greens Grain Bowl Spicy Shrimp Bowl

The Spicy Bacon Bowl is so good it just inspires metaphors. One guest called it a spicy sweater for your tongue (keeping you warm but not hot). And as Salad Artist Willie said, "it's a heavenly bowl of happiness." Let us know how you describe it next time you visit MAD Greens!