MAD Greens Grain Bowl Buddha Bowl

Menu Feature: Buddha Grain Bowl

Striking the balance between spicy and sweet

The Buddha Bowl is all about balance: flavor and nutrition...sweet and spicy...color and texture. With our organic Piri Piri tofu, it is a vegan meal packing 32 grams of protein and 123% of your vitamin A (thats the stuff that supports your vision and immune system).

The Citrus Hoisin dressing is the star of the show with its dominant flavors from four simple yet bold ingredients: Sriracha, hoisin, lime juice and agave syrup. Hoisin is a fragrant sauce used in Southeast Asian cuisine. This brand new dressing is all about the umami - one of our five basic tastes that translates from Japanese as "pleasant savory taste." It goes perfectly with the whole grain, gluten-free wild rice blend because rice, like most grains, is very low in umami.

MAD Greens Making Dressing Mixologist
We make each of our 19 dressings every day from scratch and only certified mixologists can prepare them.

Umami is best when complemented by foods that are acidic and fruity; so it was only natural to pick sweet carrots and fragrant red onions. We wanted the texture to be as bold as the flavor and the pumpkin seeds certainly bring that satisfying crunch. But it's the protein-packed edamame that creates a rich, chewy mouthful with its buttery, soft texture.

Buddha Grain Bowl Top Down Beauty Shot
The Buddha Bowl's colors are as vibrant as its flavors. It really is delicious AND beautiful so we hope you'll try one for yourself soon.

Remember, don't be afraid to make it your own. Meat eaters can order it with our steak, which is marinated for hours in a soy sauce-green onion mixture before being grilled to a medium rare every morning. Or try praline pecans instead of pumpkin seeds for a sweet crunch that complements the sweetness in the Citrus Hoisin.

MAD Greens Steak.
We use the white parts of our scallions on the line in the steak marinade because they have a stronger onion flavor and that helps us reduce food waste!