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Meet Maine Root

Get to know our "weird sodas" and their amazing story

"Where is the Coke or Pepsi?" We've heard this question a hundred times but our answer is always the same: Maine Root Handcrafted Beverages are hands down, the best tasting, most environmentally-responsible soda out there. We are very proud to serve these organically sweetened drinks at all MAD Greens locations. We've got the "usual"...Cola, Diet Cola, Root Beer and Professor Cane (aka Dr. Pepper) but check out the weirder flavors too like Blueberry, Vanilla Creme and the infamous Pink Drink. One sip and you'll be hooked!

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Maine Root began in 2004 in a small town outside of Portland, Maine when founder Matt Seiler started "brewing" soda in a lobster pot on his stove. It only took him 10 tries to perfect the formula, which featured the highest quality ingredients. Matt insisted on organic sugar because it doesn't use any petrochemical fertilizers and it's not genetically modified. But perhaps more importantly, cane sugar has the best taste, noticeably different from high fructose corn syrup or regular sugar. This pure sweetness is harvested by passing the whole sugar cane through a set of rollers, then drying the extract into crystals, no extra processing and no additives

These days, Maine Root uses Fair Trade Certified organic sugar, ensuring the farmers receive a fair price for their harvest. It creates direct trade links between farmer-owned cooperatives and buyers and provides access to affordable credit. And because they're selling at Fair Trade prices, small sugar farmers can afford to pay for organic certification and training in sustainable agriculture techniques. Added bonus? The standards around Fair Trade certification keep large amounts of herbicides and pesticides that are commonly sprayed on to sugar cane crops out of the ecosystem.

After beginning with root beer, Matt and brother Mark added Ginger Brew and sarsaparilla. Then they moved their operations to Austin, Texas where the local flora inspired the Pink Drink. "When it rained, the [prickly pear] cactus would flower and then make fruit. And I thought, here's something we can work with: a local, organic, sustainably harvested, enviro-friendly resource," said Matt in an interview with The Austin Chronicle. Today, Maine Root has 18 flavors like Black Cherry and Blueberry, and distributes all over the world including Dubai, Hong Kong and Scandinavia.

The Maine Root logo was drawn by Matt himself and features Scarborough Marsh, where he lived as a waiter/boat builder/fishing guide when he perfected his beverage recipe.
We realize it can be controversial to promote the soda industry these days, but with Maine Root, we encourage you to consider their beverages a special treat, not just something to wash down your meal. By offering unique sodas made from the best ingredients possible, we want to provide you with the opportunity to have fun by drinking a special, even celebratory, drink. Cheers!