Local Partner Feature: Sustainable Food Center

Cultivating a healthy community

We love getting involved in the community so when we found out about the Sustainable Food Center (SFC) in Austin, Texas, we were eager to start working together. What is SFC? It's an organization involved in every step of the local food system. Their mission is to cultivate a healthy community by strengthening the local food system and improving access to nutritious, affordable food.

The Sustainable Food Center in Austin, Texas educates kids about farming and the importance of local food.
Pictured: SFC's 'Grow Local' program empowers children and adults to grow their own food by offering the education and resources they need to start and sustain gardens at schools, homes, and areas accessible to neighborhood residents. Photo courtesy of Sustainable Food Center.

SFC wants kids and adults to get involved in making healthy food choices and participating in the local food system, so they offer classes on organic food gardening, interactive cooking classes, nutrition information and more. In addition to classes, they help connect growers with local schools, urban residents and food service operations.

SFC's Farmers' Markets are some of the largest in Texas.
Pictured: SFC Farmers' Markets are a project of SFC's Farm Direct program. Currently SFC hosts four of the largest weekly farmers' markets in the state of Texas, and hosts more local farmers than anywhere else in Austin! Photo courtesy of Sustainable Food Center.

So how are we working with SFC? We are teaming up during our Free Salad Day grand opening party at The Domain in Austin! In lieu of charging for food, we will be collecting donations for this great organization. How cool is that?! The SFC crew will also be on-site to educate MAD Greens guests about the important work they're doing in the community. 

The Sustainable Food Center in Austin, Texas offers education classes on gardening.
Pictured: An SFC local gardening class. Picture courtesy of Sustainable Food Center.

In addition to our Free Salad Day partnership, we'll be working together throughout the year to raise SFC awareness, so stay tuned for more to come! For more information on SFC or to get involved, check this out.