Ty Cobb Salad

Keto-ing at MAD Greens

We make dieting easy(ish)!

Ty Cobb Salad

Sticking to a diet is never easy, and fast food is notorious for luring dieters into cheating. Not MAD Greens though! We are the perfect place to grab food that tastes like it’s your cheat day, even though it’s well within your diet parameters. Our Salad Artists are here to build you a Keto (or vegan or gluten-free or Paleo or low-fat) meal that provides your body exactly what it needs. 


While everything on our menu is customizable, a few of our signature items are already in-line with popular diets. The Ty Cobb salad is a favorite for those eating Keto – a low carb, high fat regime. This salad has 40 grams of protein from the Southwestern Chicken and Bacon. It’s packed with healthy fats from the Avocado and Eggs. You can always swap out the Romaine for the more cruciferous Kale or Spinach. And while we recommend the Blue Cheese Dressing, Ranch is a go-to for the Keto diet and that also goes well with the Cobb.

The Athena salad is another go-to Keto choice because it has very low sugar (7 grams) and carbs (10 grams). If you want to forgo the Red Wine Vinaigrette, ask for just a drizzle of olive oil! Even our seasonal salad, the Mighty Aphrodite, is Keto-friends with its fresh Mozzarella and Toasted Almonds. Plus, Strawberries are the least “carb-y” berry out there with only 4 grams in a serving. But if not of these pique your fancy, just Create Your Own Keto masterpiece! Start with Kale or Spinach, add in some cheese (we have nine to choose from!), avocado and nuts or seeds (seven varietals here!). For proteins, the Piri Piri Shrimp has zero carbs, but our two types of chicken and grilled steak are both excellent and prepared in-house


Use our handy dandy Nutritional Calculator to help you keep track of all the macros you’re taking in! You can see exactly what you’re eating, customize your meal, and calculate nutritionals for each ingredient added to your salad, wrap or grain bowl. No fine print here, healthy food can be delicious too!

The Athena Greek Salad