MAD Greens Westminster

It Takes a Village…To Open a New Restaurant!

The biggest salad party Westminster has ever seen

This week we celebrated the Grand Opening of our 12th restaurant in the most appropriate way possible: showering Westminster, Colorado with tons and tons of salad!

On the morning of Free Salad Day (forevermore referred to as FSD), eager fans started showing up an hour before store opening to ensure they were first in line and when the doors opened, everyone received their salads and went home happy. End of blog post, right? WRONG!

Our happy MAD Greens fans likely went home not realizing that FSD was the culmination of hundreds of hours of people and food preparation. So how do we get ready for such an epic salad celebration, you ask?

To prepare for such a feat, there are several key ingredients. The first, and most crucial, is an amazing team to pull it off. General Manager Dan Clouse and the MAD Greens hiring team began looking for and screening potential candidates weeks in advance. Once the new team members were on-board, they started restaurant boot camp, learning the ins and outs of making dressings from scratch, memorizing salad recipes and becoming mean, lean MAD Greens hospitality machines.

The day before FSD, our VP of Ops Scott Sahling and Area Manager Justin Drake cranked up the industrial grills out on the patio and started cooking 560 lbs. of citrus chicken. (It took them all day!) Meanwhile, Westminster Assistant General Manager Jason Cerny spent all day cooking 180 lbs. of bacon. (MMMmmm, bacon! For the record, Jason reports that he still smells like bacon two days later.)

The morning of FSD, we were on-site at 4am prepping hundreds of Romaine hearts, chopping produce and ensuring there were back-up ingredients even back-ups for our back-ups! all in an effort to ensure nobody went home hungry.

Some fun FSD stats:

  • Bacon: 180 lbs.
  • Blue Cheese Dressing: 385 ounces
  • Citrus Chicken: 560 lbs.
  • Maine Root Fountain Soda: 22,000 ounces
  • MAD Greens Signature Iced Tea: 23,000 ounces
  • OLOMOMO Cherry Vanilla Almonds: 1,200 almonds
  • Romaine: 550 hearts
  • Total Salads: Approximately 1,500

Thats a LOT of salad. We even raised $1,500 dollars for local Arapahoe Ridge Elementary and their technology program! It truly took a team of some pretty awesome folks to make the salad insanity possible! So, enjoy the MADness, Westminster. In the meantime, well be taking a few days to recover before doing it all again for our new Lone Tree Lincoln Ave. restaurant in a couple of weeks!