MAD Greens Spring Menu Items

Introducing Spring Flavors

by Chef Lentine Alexis

Our seasonal items have some extra spring in their step thanks to a first-ever collaboration with Lentine Alexis, a classically trained chef and former professional athlete. She's created three Mediterranean-inspired menu items with exotic flavors and simple ingredients: the Moroccan Caesar Salad, the Mediterranean Grain Bowl and a Gingered Lemonade.


These flavor-forward recipes are delicious and nutritious, reflecting Chef Lentine's core values about food. "I wanted to design dishes that were on trend and would be found in a high-end restaurant. I was thrilled to collaborate with MAD Greens and create innovative items which allow families to enjoy healthy food in a hurry, without sacrificing complex flavors." And they are now available in all Colorado, Texas and Arizona locations (coming soon to Utah!). 

MAD Greens Spring Menu Chef Lentine
MAD Greens Spring Menu Ingredients

Inspired by her many international cycling trips, Chef Lentine introduces warm, bright spices like Za’atar and sumac to highlight the Mediterranean and North African flavor families. She also takes advantage of springtime's first blooms, utilizing fresh herbs like mint, parsley and cilantro in both the grain bowl and the salad. These new elements and influences mix with MAD Greens' signature fresh ingredients to create flavorful, healthful meals available now.

Mediterranean Bowl

With tart pickled beets, zesty Za’atar chickpeas, sweet carrots, crunchy almonds, fresh herbs and lemony sumac, the Med Bowl's unique group of ingredients creates a satisfying, tangy, earthy grain bowl. It's topped with the brand new Tahini Caesar Dressing that's creamy without any dairy (the tahini and Dijon mustard give it the rich mouthfeel and umami-forward flavor).


But the Brown Sugar Tofu is the unexpected star of the Med Bowl. It's marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, brown sugar and Sriracha then baked for a great chew that will have you adding it to any salad you can think of!

MAD Greens Mediterranean Bowl
MAD Greens Moroccan Caesar

Moroccan Caesar Salad

The Moroccan Caesar is not your traditional Caesar salad…no anchovies or croutons here! Instead, it's Chef Lentine's adaptation and elevation of these classic flavors with mixed greens, spinach, grilled citrus chicken, pickled beets, carrots, pickled onions, toasted almonds and feta.


She mimics that classic creaminess with the same Tahini Caesar Dressing and feta cheese, which also brings a nice saltiness. But the pickled onions and beets' acidity keeps it from being too rich. Mint bursts on your palette, a surprising flavor in a bowl of greens, but the perfect fresh addition to this balanced, satisfying salad.

Gingered Lemonade

Lemon is a staple in Mediterranean dishes and beverages, and ginger root is a favorite of Chef Lentine. This bright and refreshing drink aids in digestion and will keep you cool as the weather warms. It's lemon-forward but finishes with that ginger taste, so just a tad spicy, and we added green apples to add a little sweetness.

MAD Greens Gingered Lemonade

Giving Back to No Kid Hungry

As if all this wasn't enough to entice you in to your nearest MAD Greens, this collaboration also includes a partnership with No Kid Hungry. "As a chef, I feel my whole role is to help feed my community with healthy, nutritious food," Chef Lentine told us. So for every seasonal item purchased from now till June 17th, we will donate one meal to No Kid Hungry, a nonprofit focused on making sure no child in America grows up hungry.