MAD Greens Gift Card Banne

Cooking for 47 people with 23 dietary restrictions? Traveling 1,038 miles in a snowstorm? Buying gifts for 19 cousins and in-laws? No doubt about it, this time of year is madness. But we are here to provide the type of holiday MADness you actually want!

Our gift card promotion is back - now through December 31, 2019, whenever you buy a $25 gift card, we'll give you a $5 gift card for FREE. No expiration date, no restrictions* and no limit. Buy $50 and get $10 or buy $500 and get $100! Be extra and add it to the same card or share the love and get it on two cards. Visit any* of our 33 locations in Colorado, Arizona and Texas to pick up your card today and receive the bonus right away! Hooray!! 

A MAD Greens gift card is the perfect present for your picky aunt Peggy...and a great way to give yourself a little something something this year as well. So embrace the holiday MADness and give something absurdly satisfying this year.



*Okay, some restrictions apply but they're minor. Offer valid December 1-31, 2019. Promotion not available with online gift cards, but you certainly can redeem them on the interwebs! You cannot use gift cards to buy gift cards. Offer not valid at airport location.