MAD Greens Lentine Alexis Spring Menu Shoot

Chef Lentine Alexis

The Lady with Two Names Behind Our Spring LTO

MAD Greens Lentine Alexis Spring Menu Shoot

Chef Lentine Alexis is your typical septuple-threat…a classically trained chef, former professional endurance triathlete (though, we’re not sure if that counts as 1 or 3 threats), writer, yoga instructor, photographer, public speaker and baker. Today, her mission is simple: help people to eat healthfully in an easy way.

So when we crossed paths with her on the Chefs Cycle bike ride in California last summer, we jumped at the opportunity to partner! She develops recipes with companies like MAD Greens to bridge the gap between “flavor innovators” and the everyday guest who wants healthy to be delicious. (Check out her cookie collab with Skratch Labs.) Together, we wanted to create food that primarily tasted good, but was also good for the body. 

You might wonder how someone could make the leap from doing ultra-triathlons to baking double chocolate cookies, but see…when you exercise nine hours a day, you get hungry! Luckily for Lentine, inspiration often strikes when she’s outside on the bike, thinking about what she wants to eat. And life as an elite athlete takes you all over the world so Lentine used those travels as a lens to view food. 

There are dozens of interesting yet basic condiments from around the globe that are healthful and simple…not to mention delicious! For our spring menu, Lentine used tahini, za’atar and sumac which may seem exotic but are actually quite common in Mediterranean cuisine. Restaurants all over the country are just starting to experiment and play with these flavor-forward ingredients so it’s very exciting to feature them on the Med Bowl and Moroccan Caesar for our MAD fans. 

As if all this wasn't enough to make us fall in love, Lentine asked that in lieu of her usual fee, MAD Greens donate a portion of every seasonal menu item sold to No Kid Hungry/Chefs Cycle. "As a chef, I feel my whole role is to help feed my community with healthy, nutritious food," she told us. To date, we’ve donated over 20,000 meals and are on track to exceed our goal! 


We are so proud and honored to work with a chef like Lentine Alexis while donating to a cause near to our heart. If you have yet to try one of her creations, hustle to your nearest MAD Greens before June 17th to grab a Med Bowl, Moroccan Caesar or Gingered Lemonade. They are all fresh, craveable and healthful…plus with every purchase, you’re giving a meal to a kid in need! 

MAD Greens Lentine Alexis Spring Menu Shoot